The Basics of Roulette


Roulette, the classic game that is a favorite at online and land casinos, is all about betting on the right number to win. The ball is spun around a revolving dishlike wheel to come to rest in one of the compartments marked red and black, with an additional green division on American wheels. The game is based on pure luck and is popular among players of all skill levels and age groups.

The history of the game dates back over 300 years, although fanciful stories have the French mathematician Blaise Pascal crediting himself with its invention. Regardless of its origin, the wheel-based game has grown to be an icon for gambling and is a staple at casino tables worldwide.

While many people have the impression that roulette is just a simple game of chance, there are a variety of wagering options that can be placed to increase a player’s chances of winning. These bets fall into two categories: outside and inside bets. Inside bets place chips on specific numbers while outside bets cover an entire group of numbers. All bets are made prior to the spinning of the wheel by laying down chips on a special betting mat, with the precise placement of the chips showing what bet was placed.

There are several different types of outside bets in roulette, with the Dozens bet being a popular choice. This bet places the chip in one of the three groups of twelve numbers, which are arranged on the betting grid in a square shape. Each of these groups is comprised of three consecutive numbers, with the smallest group covering the first 12 and the larger groups consisting of the second and third 12. Other outside bets include the Columns and Squares bets, which require placing the chips on the corner of the betting mat connecting all four of the numbers.

Most online roulette games follow the same rules as their European counterparts, with a few notable exceptions. For example, some online casinos offer La Partage rule, which allows a player to keep half of their losing bets when the ball lands in a zero pocket. In addition, some online casinos feature live dealer roulette, in which players make their wagers through a computer but the game is run in real time by a trained croupier.